Winter Camping Tips

Tents pitched in snow along a lake shore at sunset.

Camping is a fun and adventurous activity that is done primarily in the spring and fall, but it can be done anytime especially if you follow a few winter camping tips.

Some people find camping the best in the winter, when the air is cold and crisp, there are fewer insects, and you don’t need to worry as much about forest fires or forest animals.

The woods will be silent, but there is nothing like camping and exploring a forest covered with snow. Of course, you need to pack and prepare for the cold weather, especially on a camping trip.

What Clothes Should You Pack For Winter Camping?

Not only will you want to be warm at night inside your tent, but you are also going to need to be warm all day long.

You want to layer your clothing so that if you do get hot, you can just take off a layer instead of having to change your whole outfit. Layering pieces include sweatshirts, thermals, jackets and fleeces.

Make sure and bring proper attire for your extremities also. Hats, gloves, scarves, and extra warm socks are all good ideas for camping inc old weather.

winter camping tips

One essential item is good, warm socks, and take several pairs. wool are the preferred type and they need to be nice and thick.

Your feet, which should be encased in waterproof boots as well as the socks are the foundation upon which you stand, and they are always in contact with the cold ground. Keep them dry and warm, and that is easiest with socks.

Have several pairs as they will get wet and you can dry out one pair while wearing the others.

Part of your attire should be mittens. Warm gloves will help prevent frostbitten fingers!

Another way to keep your extremities warm is to bring hot packs with you. Hot packs are little gel packets that will give warmth.

They can be found at most discount stores or sporting good stores. Place them in your shoes or boots or hold them in your hands to give your feet and hands warmth from the cold weather.

A raincoat is nice, along with warm sweaters and clothes. A big coat can get heavy, especially if it gets wet and you are hiking into a campsite.

The sweaters covered by a windbreaker or raincoat will be better in most cases and provide more flexibility with the same warmth.

You can also wear layers and then adjust as the temperature changes.

winter camping tips

What To Pack For The Campsite?

Tent & Sleeping Bag

The camp itself will need a good, waterproof tent and you should consider a tarp for added protection from dripping trees and freezing winds.

Set the tent up in a protected area, away from the wind, and then just tie a tarp over the top. This will decrease the wind chill factor.

There is also sleeping arrangements when camping in the cold. The cold ground can suck away your body heat and you will either wake up chilled or possibly not wake up at all if you suffer from hypothermia.

You need a warm sleeping bag, and an air mattress will not go amiss. The layer of air will keep you surprisingly warmer.

You are going to need more than one blanket, as the ground is going to be rather cold and you will need the extra warmth from the blankets.

When you think you have enough blankets, pack one more, as it is better to over-pack blankets than to be shivering all night in the cold.


Fire Starter

Take some fire starter with you, either lighter fluid or if you are a traditionalist, lighter wood. You will need matches as well, take several boxes in case some get wet.

Being able to light a quick fire in cold weather can save your life, your partner will kill you if you can’t get that soup made quickly enough.

Make sure that you have all the supplies to keep a good campfire going. Having a campfire going at all times will help you keep warm when you need to.

It will also help you make your beverages and food, as you will need to have plenty of energy, especially in the cold weather to keep your body warm.

Make sure to bring plenty of matches and firewood.

If you can’t bring your own firewood, make sure that you are able to find plenty of dry wood and kindling to keep your firing going.

Speaking of food.

winter camping

How To Stay Hydrated

Another good idea for camping in cold weather is to bring some hot drinks along.

Bring a kettle to boil water in over the fire for tea or hot chocolate. You can also bring a percolator to make coffee in. Another good hot drink for cold weather camping is some chicken broth.

Stay away from alcohol while camping in the cold weather. Drinking alcohol actually can make you colder than you already are and also will dehydrate you.

Even though you are in cold weather, you still need to be hydrated so make sure that you bring plenty of water also.

Just because it is a little cold outside, doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy camping in the great outdoors.

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