About Things To Do Outside

Things To Do Outside is a travel website focusing on great destinations, things to do outside, road trips, and wanderlust inspiration that will, hopefully, get you planning your next getaway.

It’s time for a break from the everyday, and get outside.

Hey! I’m Deb, outdoor Adventure Finder For The Slightly Adventurous

You might recognize me from Just Short of Crazy or Stranger Travels, USA, but you’ll also find me here at Things To Do Outside where I’m sharing our favorite things to do in the great outdoors for the slightly adventurous.

You’ll find all the low-key outdoor adventures here, what you wont find is me jumping out of airplanes, bouncing down mountains on skis, or diving with sharks. Well, I might try the sharks depending on how brave I’m feeling.

I hope you join me as I share the best kinds of fun to have outside.

Email me at deb@justshortofcrazy.com (yes, it’s the mother ship email address, because life is too short to keep track of multiple email addresses .)

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